Face Mask Detection Software Work

How Does Face Mask Detection Software Work During COVID-19?

For detecting face mask, software has been developed that uses Al technology to find out the face behind the mask. Apart from face detection, this software also helps to measure contactless temperature and internal health issues.


Due to Covid-19, people are behind the doors and it is spreading so widely in the whole world. Now, the world is also facing the third wave of Covid-19 which is so dangerous for children, adult and old people. It is impossible to determine when Covid-19 will finish properly.

According to scientific research, we can prevent Covid-19 by wearing a mask on our face.

That is why the demand of the technology of facial recognition is increasing day by day. The public knows that it is a weapon to fight against Covid-19. It is difficult to do any work at the office without recognition of the face of the employee. In this regard, face mask detection is required to identify the person.

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How to Recognize Face behind Mask?

Nowadays, wearing a mask is a common task and required for the public every day. To identify the face, many companies or developers are creating “face masked detectors”. For this, a proper dataset is essential to keep in the record.

In 2021, people can measure contactless temperature. Now, it is so important to recognize the face behind the mask on the behalf of dataset images. Dataset is an essential part of identifying the face. Without a dataset, it is difficult to recognize the identification of any person.

Steps Done by Companies & Organizations for Face Detection!

Companies and organizations are taking care of their employees and also determining the face detection as:

1) Monitoring of Mask on Timely Basis: – Companies can work with their employees in this pandemic period. The government allows doing work with precautions like:

  • Keep social distancing from each other.
  • It is required to wash your hand from time to time with soap.
  • Workers should follow the safety instructions at the office.
  • Wear a mask every time while working in a company or organization.

However, some companies also develop an electronic device that can detect the face behind the mask. Features of this device as:

  • Firstly, this device can recognize the face of a person along with their irises.
  • According to the developer, this face detection device has a lower error rate but the success rate is higher.
  • Many countries (Japan, China, France etc) are using Al technology for face detection.
  • Al technology helps to detect the eyes, eyebrows, nose bridges and whole face of a person.
  • This software is widely used in the world to identify the person image.

2) Scanning Body Temperature: – Body temperature is a primary thing to monitor before entering into the company. Mostly company uses a contactless thermometer to measure the temperature. Due to advanced technology, now it is possible to detect face along with body temperature.

  • The software has been developed which involves Al technology to detect face along with body temperature without touching.
  • If any person is not wearing a mask then it will remind them to wear a mask.
  • This software can determine the face behind the mask. But, it is unable to detect the face behind the glass yet.

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3) Also Detect Sneeze & Cough: – Along with face detection and body temperature, we can also determine the sneezes and coughs. It is one of the best parts of the software which allows the company to keep their employees safe and secure. 

  • This software not only recognizes the face and contactless temperature but also determine the sneezes and coughs of a person.
  • It becomes easy to identify a person having some health issues.
  • Advance technology makes company and organization able to do work with their employees effectively and safely.
  • In this way, we can beat the corona virus easily.

Last Words

Don’t take Covid-19 lightly because it is one of the worst and dangerous problems for everyone. No one knows when it captured your body. It is advised to stay healthy and safe by following regulations of government or doctors like:

  • Social distancing
  • Washing hands
  • Measurement of temperature (contactless)
  • Mask detection
  • Quarantined

Coronavirus is spreading so widely from person to person. Apart from the above precautions, the Face Mask Detection System is also essential to fight against Covid-19.

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