9 Different Types of Architectural Design Concepts

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It is so difficult to create and develop architectural concepts. Several students and architects have to struggle while developing these concepts. Due to the pressure of projects, limited inspiration, and writer’s block, architects have to face many challenges. But, you can develop the best architectural design concept. It is so important for the new project. Also, there are several methods available to make the best architectural concept. Let’s discuss the different types of architectural design concepts!

1. Typography

It is an important concept for your site. Through this concept, you can develop several kinds of conceptual approaches. For example:

  • The atmosphere provided by the building is like shelter/exposure.
  • Typography also helps to determine the structural approach of buildings like subterranean/cantilevering.
  • It also helps to know about perceptions like public/private.
  • Lastly, utilization of the building’s context such as views/features. 

2. Historic

For a better experience, it is best to go with historical research of your building along with the surrounding context. In this way, you can open several kinds of different avenues. Remember, each site has a past and story to describe several things. It is the best way to know how to re-design past construction methods. Also, you can know the suitable and best plan to modernize your building. In this regard, you can also contact the representatives of a reputed Interior Design Company.

3. Physical Features

Generally, physical features are known as the elements of your site. For example, trees, water bodies, formation of rock, vegetation, man-made structures, and so on. Through this concept, you can imply natural elements at your site. It is one of the most beautiful and creative architectural concepts.


Through your site, you can utilize the views to determine the shape of your building. It is the best way to know the importance and priority of your building. However, there are several advantages to using key spaces. If your building does not include any views, you have to create it first. Hence, start to create an innovative concept at your site like:

  • First of all, you should draw site lines in the views area.
  • Also, you should create a lattice (diagram) beyond your site.
  • Make sure that your concept should be based according to the views revealed. 
  • A suitable and perfect grid concept can enhance the analysis of your site. 

5. Private and Public Areas

With the perfect site analysis, it will be easy to determine the location of public and private areas. According to the type and nature of the building, you can establish public/private areas. This concept is well known for effective site analysis.

6. Accommodation

By taking these desirable designs and specific accommodations, you can describe the rectangles and squares. In other words, you can describe these shapes according to the requirement of floor areas. In this way, you can develop and envision the spaces. Hence, you can develop a best and special concept based on the arrangement of different areas like:

  • Orientation
  • Views
  • Shelter
  • Served and servant
  • Public and private
  • Required areas 

7. Mass

This is the most important concept in architectural design. Several companies are providing architectural design services. Most companies use the mass concept to create a conceptual approach. Under this concept, you can consider those planned areas to create an accommodation study. Afterwards, these designs were converted into 3D forms for arrangements.

8. Adding & Subtracting

For this technique, all you need to start is a solid volume. It should not be exceeded according to the requirements. But, it should be under the required area. In this regard, you have to add and subtract the designs as per the site factors, accommodation, requirement, etc.

9. Materials

In reality, good quality of material plays an important role in developing your site. According to the type, limitations, and size of the building, you should choose the best material. Make sure to have a good quality of the materials. In this way, you can make your building stronger and attractive. Your site will stay for a longer time.

Last Thoughts

Nowadays, architectural designs play a vital role in every site. If you want to improve the analysis of your building, it is advised to go through the above best concepts. However, you can also take advice from experienced architects. They will help you to provide the best concepts as per your requirements.

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