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What Kind Of Exercises Can I Do During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, women should pay attention to maintain their health. Along with a healthy diet, doing exercise is an important thing for a pregnant lady. Daily physical workout helps you to get lots of energy and maintain your well-being. But, you while being pregnant can’t do any type of physical workout. It is essential to talk with your gynaecologist to select safe and best exercises during your pregnancy. Here are some important and safe exercises for you:

1) Water Workouts

Doing a physical workout in water is a great choice for a pregnant lady. Usually, water workouts are not difficult. You can easily do this type of workout in your pregnancy period to prevent various diseases and:

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  • It helps you to maintain the mass and health of your baby
  • It also maintains the heart rate up by moving in the water
  • It keeps your joints and muscles healthy and fit
  • Swimming is one of the best and easy water workouts to cure your lower back pain

2) Yoga

Yoga is the best and easiest exercise for a pregnant lady. But, it is important to know the safest poses. Usually, poses change according to the trimester and you should ask the yoga teacher about the safe pose. In this regard, here are some points for your assistance:

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  • First of all, you have to tell your tutor or yoga teacher about your pregnancy
  • The yoga teacher will avoid poses that are not safe for pregnant women
  • After the first trimester, you should avoid poses that have pressure on your belly
  • However, you can also consult with the best gynaecologist in Delhi to know the best and safe pose of yoga during pregnancy

3) Walking

It is a common but most effective exercise for pregnant women. Most gynaecologists suggest walking two times in a day. It helps to improve the movements of the baby. This workout does not pressurize your joints and muscles. Walking also helps to:

  • Decrease the chance of complications while giving birth to a baby
  • Reduce the risk of gestational diabetes in women by doing this workout regularly
  • Burn lots of calories and excess fat from the body
  • Maintain overall health and enhance the circulation of blood

4) Aerobics

There are several exercises available in aerobics but you don’t need to do all of them. According to the study, low-impact aerobics are best and safe for pregnant women. Such types of aerobics don’t pressurize your body and:

  • Your one foot will be on the ground during low-impact aerobics
  • Walking and riding a bicycle (stationary) is the best example of low-impact aerobics
  • You must avoid jumping, running and other high impact aerobics
  • However, you can also take aerobics classes. Your instructor will guide you properly as your situation and trimester

5) Strength Exercises

Strength exercises are beneficial to strengthen your muscles and bones. In such exercise, weights are not too heavy and you can safely do the workout with weight. Make sure to inform your instructor about your pregnancy. He/she will provide better assistance in this regard. As per the study, “Exercise is best for Pregnant Women and Baby growing in the womb”!

6) Riding an Unmoving Bicycle

Riding a stationary (unmoving) bicycle is a great choice compared to riding a bicycle on the road. During pregnancy, it is essential to avoid riding a bike outside or on the road. That is why; riding an unmoving bicycle is safe for pregnant ladies and:

  • It helps you to improve your energy level, which is essential for you
  • This exercise is well known as low impact physical workout
  • It also has lots of advantages to your growing baby
  • You can be fit and strong by cycling at home
  • Make sure to do cycling safely and easily

Last Words

A pregnant woman has to face different kinds of changes in her body. Also, she has to keep her body fit and strong. A fit and healthy body of a woman can reduce several complications during pregnancy. In this regard, it is better to do exercise/physical workouts during pregnancy. Make sure to consult with your gynaecologist first and then start with safe exercises. Exercise can keep your mind calm and maintain the fitness of the body.

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