Surrogacy in Bangalore

Surrogacy in Bangalore: To The Couples Who Want a Baby

As a woman, you opt for surrogacy when you are unable to be a mother of a healthy child due to several reasons. These reasons could be medical problems in your uterus, the removal of your uterus due to hysterectomy, and health conditions such as heart diseases that make pregnancy risky for you. After consulting a doctor at an IVF fertility centre and knowing that it is hard for you to be a mother through ART, ICSI, or IVF, you can think of having a baby through surrogacy.

Opting surrogacy is not as easy as it seems. You need to know each associated aspect before you move ahead in this regard. Keep reading this post to know every detail linked to surrogacy.  

What is surrogacy and what are its types?

Surrogacy is a type of assisted reproduction method in which intended parents contract healthy females to be pregnant through injecting sperm, carry pregnancy for nine months, and handover the baby after delivery. In this process, the intended parents have to bear all the medical expenses and take care of a surrogate mother. Usually, surrogacy is of two types:

  • Traditional surrogacy – In this, there is the fertilisation of male partner’s sperm with the egg of the female partner in the laboratory. After that, the doctor transfers the matured and fertilised egg to a surrogate mother’s womb. And the mother carries her pregnancy for 9 months and hands over the baby to the intended parents after giving birth to. The delivered baby has a genetic connection.  
  • Gestational surrogacy – In it, the experts fertilise both sperm and donor eggs together in the lab. After fertilisation, the mature egg is transferred into the uterus of the female who is ready to carry the baby for nine months and hand over the same after delivery. There is no genetic connection with the child.  

The processes involved in surrogacy         

Surrogacy is an ideal and effective option for you if you are unable to carry your pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby. Before you take your step forward in having a baby through surrogacy, you should know the steps/processes involved in it. Here are those steps for your assistance:

  • Consultation – No one can go ahead to get a baby through surrogacy. Before you take your step forward, you need to show off that you can’t carry your pregnancy for nine months. And for this, you should have valid reasons and doctor’s permission. Here, consulting a gynecologist is crucial for both of you, male and female partners.   
  • Finding a surrogate mother – You need to find the right surrogate mother who can help you in being a mother of a healthy and happy child. Usually, finding a surrogate mother is a hard job. However, your consultation with experts at an IVF clinic can ease your process. It is, as they have a network to find females willing to carry a child for you.    
  • Having some crucial tests – Before you or your doctor finalise a surrogate mother, you should know her well. Request the doctor to prescribe scanning and blood tests of the surrogate mother. Be sure that she is medically fit to carry pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby.   
  • Contract signing – As a couple, you need to sign a contract with the surrogate mother. In this contract, there will be only three people – you, your spouse, and the surrogate mother. This contract will continue till the delivery and handing over of the baby. It will keep you legally safe for the future.  
  • Uterus preparation – The doctor at a fertility centre will conduct an examination and make the woman’s uterus ready for the transfer of the embryo/egg. He/she will prescribe all the relevant medicines for the uterine lining preparation.   
  • Embryo transfer – The doctor fertilises your sperm with your spouse’s egg in the laboratory. After that, the expert transfers the fertilised egg to the surrogate mother’s womb.   
  • Caring surrogate mother – After the embryo transfer, both of you with your family members and doctor have to take proper care of the surrogate mother. From diet and medicines to light exercises, you need to support her so that she could easily carry her pregnancy and give birth to a healthy and cute baby for you.  
  • Bringing a healthy baby to your home – After the completion of nine months or as per your doctor’s advice, you need to physically and emotionally support her in the delivery. As per the contract, request her to hand over the baby to you.    


Surrogacy is the best option to have a child if you are medically unfit to carry your pregnancy and give birth to a child. It is successful for you when you educate yourself about it and follow the processes/steps involved in it. By taking a wise decision, you can bring a baby to your home through surrogacy.  

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