Pregnancy calendar

Pregnancy Calendar – Your Week-By-Week Guide To The Stages Of Pregnancy

After getting pregnant, the development of the baby changes day by day. Most of the women are not aware of the changes in babies on a weekly basis. The pregnancy is divided into three trimesters scientifically, for example first trimester, second trimester and third trimester. Your baby develops according to these three trimesters. A doctor at the best IVF centre could explain the same better. However, let’s discuss the facts about a baby’s growth during these three trimesters.

1) First Trimester

 You can feel your pregnancy in this trimester. Usually, the first trimester starts from the first week to the 13th week of pregnancy. The baby will start to grow and move during these weeks as follow:

  • Bones: – Within 6 weeks, the arms, hands, feet and legs start to develop. However, toes and fingers will develop within 10 weeks. The bones of the baby grow immediately during the first trimester.
  • Digestive system: – Around 8 weeks, the digestive system of your baby will start to develop. Usually, kidneys also start to formulate inside the abdomen.
  • Skin, Nails & Hair: – Between 5 to 9 weeks, the skin of the baby will begin forming. However, nails and hairs will begin forming in about 11 weeks.
  • The sight of taste: – Your baby will feel the taste within 8 weeks. In this period, the baby will easily feel the taste of food, milk etc.
  • Brain: – Brain is an important part that starts to develop around 8 weeks of pregnancy. Tissues and veins of the brain start forming within 8 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Eyes: – Lenses and optic nerves start to form around 4 weeks of pregnancy but the retina will develop about 8 weeks.
  • The sight of Touch: – Your baby can feel the touch within 8 weeks and he/she will kick or move his/her feet about 12 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Heart: – Within 5 weeks of pregnancy, your baby’s heart will begin to form. After 9 or 10 weeks of pregnancy, the heart will become stronger.

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2) The Second Trimester

This trimester is well known as a “more comfortable period in comparison with the two others” in your pregnancy calendar. In this trimester, you will also feel many changes in your body along with the baby’s development. According to the study, the second trimester is a safe and painless period for women. This trimester starts from 14 weeks to 27 weeks of pregnancy. Here are some changes that you have to face during this period:

  • Constipation & Heartburn: – It is common in the second trimester. You may have to face constipation, acidity and heartburn problems. But don’t panic because these problems can be cured through prescribed medications.
  • Growth of Belly: – As the baby starts to develop your belly will also increase. During the second trimester, you may have to face the increment of the belly.
  • Growth of Breast: – Your breast will also start to increase during the second trimester. This way because you have to feed milk to your baby and milk starts to form during this period.
  • Baby’s Growth: – In this period, the baby starts to develop rapidly. After 18 weeks of pregnancy, your baby starts to hiccup along with yawn. After 21 weeks, one can also feel the little arms and legs of your baby. After 23 weeks, your baby will take an indication from you and start to gain pounds. At the end of your trimester, your baby can be 2 pounds in the belly.

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3) The Third Trimester

Usually, the third trimester begins from 28 weeks to the end of the pregnancy. It is a period which you have to face very carefully and calmly. Any single mistake can put you and your baby in danger because it is the final period. However, you may also have to face some changes in your body with the baby’s growth:

  • Labour pain: – During this trimester, you have to face labour pain which is essential for delivery. If you are experiencing labour pain then the baby can come earlier. After 42 weeks, if you are not facing labour pain then the doctor will provide medication. Through these medications, you can feel labour pain so that you can give birth to a baby.
  • Baby’s Growth: – It is the last period in which your baby will fully develop. The nose, head, stomach, legs, arms, nails, hairs, skin etc of the baby will completely develop inside the abdomen. You can also feel a serious kick from the baby in your abdomen.
  • Other Changes: – However, the pregnancy of every woman is different and changes will be also different. So, if you have any health problems or feeling any serious problems then contact your doctor first.

Last Words

Women have to face several changes during the pregnancy period. However, symptoms and changes may be different from person to person. But you should go with your pregnancy calendar to check the daily changes in your body. If you are facing complications in getting pregnant then you must visit the Best IVF Centre. Experts will properly guide you.

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