lean manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is the methodology that various industrial sectors apply in their working of the business so as to eliminate waste and have maximum productivity. Now what is lean? Let’s take an example of lean meat to understand it better. While visiting a supermarket we search for lean meat to buy so as to get the main substance and not having extra fat adhered to it. It is also cost effective as with the price you are paying, you are getting a value added product. Thus, lean is something having no extra non value added element to it and this is what it is incorporated in running a business in the market which is now really competitive. 

Compared to the old days with the current time, there is a huge shift in the way of doing business and it isn’t at all like it used to be. Now with the everyday emergence of new entrepreneurs, new start-ups opening with fresh ideas willing to dominate the market, this creates a lot of pressure among all the business people of every sector how to have a robust business in the market of competition. This is where lean manufacturing helps businesses to slim down their waste without causing any harm to productivity. If there is causing any waste in the production (now the waste is of various types) it means the processing and manufacturing of the products isn’t taking place in full efficiency and there isn’t happening full utilisation of the resources. And this waste is causing hindrance in not being able to produce products at a price which the customer demands resulting in lagging behind than other competitors. 

The origin of lean manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is not a modern day concept but its emergence dates back to the start of the 20th century. The principle of lean manufacturing was first introduced by Daniel T. Jones, James P. Womack and Daniel Roos in the publication The Machine That Changed the World (1991) by doing a constructive study of the manufacturing process and they wrote the book based on the lean production system of Toyota. As with time the industry’s vision broadened from having a local shop to spread beyond the state and the country, such a large vision needs solid work to produce a large amount of product with utmost efficiency and in speed which is when lean manufacturing started adopting by not only the automotive industry but in every other industrial sector. Since then, the importance of lean manufacturing has gained significant importance, and now in the very competitive market of today, if one needs to have a flourishing business they need to comply with lean manufacturing. 

The need of a lean manufacturing consultant

Lean manufacturing consultants are the experts who first do a thorough study of the working system of an industry, identifies and points out the waste that is generating which may be over production, more lead time, non value added products, too many work and too less people or too many people involved in doing a single work and so much more. By the help of lean consulting it brings out effective measures to eliminate the waste altogether so that the industry can do optimum productivity and produce only the value added product in order to gain maximum revenue. To know the areas where there is causing wastage in your manufacturing system which is leading to not having a dominating business in the market and not able to meet the demands of the customers, get in touch with RIB Consulting, the most proficient lean consulting to have the much needed breakthrough.

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