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The digital world is expanding in great numbers, and there is no denial to it. This, in turn, has created an entire ecosystem for companies to thrive on it. On the other hand, new and intuitive tools find their way to the market once every few days. 

However, not every tool serves the desired purpose, and hence digital marketing consultants do not need the hassle to learn every tool. However, there are tools that you would need every other day, and hence we have compiled a shortlist of 3 essential tools that every digital marketing consultants need to know about it. 

 #1: Google Analytics

If it is from Google, it is worth trying. Used by digital marketing consultants every other day to meet the search engine optimization needs of the marketing professionals. However, the tool faces steep competition from the likes of tools from other companies like SEO Moz and Uber suggest, which are worth a try. Rest it all depends upon your needs. 

#2: MailChimp

The next tool in the list is what every marketer cannot live without. We know that email marketing has the highest returns and costs negligible. Marketers understand the fact very well and hence prefer tools such as MailChimp over others. MailChimp is used by more than 80% of both B2B and B2C companies and hence could not be ignored at all costs. 

#3: HootSuite 

We all understand how important social media is these days. Digital marketing consultants leverage this very task and hence ensure that HootSuite becomes an integral part of your marketing and hence leverage functionalities like scheduling of posts, identifying influencers, and generate leads, among others. 

Concluding Remarks

While there is n number of things that could go with it, it is these most popular tools, and their seamless performance makes them the right tool for the job. 

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