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All of us use the web. We look up questions and queries that we want answers to. We look for the best google results that are being displayed on the first page or as far as the second or third page if we plan to do extensive research. No matter how swift we are at thinking, we are bound to not go beyond the second page. One of the reasons for this is because we are able to find what we are looking for in the first two pages itself – thanks to Google. And this is one important reason that makes SEO vital for all the brands and websites.

Use keywords and alt tags in images: Adding keywords to your images can do wonders. When you tag a particular mage, you allow the audience that is searching for a service to know that your brand exists. And we all know that images are catchier than the most engaging content that you will create. And when you add alt text and keywords to your images, it can help them rank high in the google search engine. Did you know that images can also appear in the feature snippets? It is very easy. So whenever you plan to put an image in your webpage or blog, make sure to add a required keyword along with it. You can find the best SEO company in Delhi that will help optimise images and make them rank in the snippets without hassle.

Create original meta descriptions: Titles are important and so are meta descriptions. These descriptions are the few sentences that appear as a search result when you make a search online. Meta descriptions are vital because they decide whether a customer will click up your page or not. If you have an original and effective meta description, chances are that Google would let you show up on the first page for a specific result. Usually, meta descriptions are for about 300 words and you can add keywords to them to increase the personalised search even more. Take a note that whenever you plan to add keywords to your title or meta description, try to add long-tail keywords. They make your content more specific and personalised. It helps Google bots to categorise your content and show it n the search engine without any trouble. This also makes your content more authentic and reliable.

Include backlinks: Backlinks are authentic websites that refer the readers or users to your webpage. Google values backlinks and when a credible online platform refer back to you, your web page’s accountability increase too. This is one reason why backlinks are not easy to acquire but once you have a set of them for your webpage, there is a good chance that your website will rank in the top list for the services that your brand provides. So make sure that this year you acquire authentic backlinks for your webpage. This will boost your brand credibility.

Increase website speed: If your website is slow to load or has unnecessary pop-ups that keep popping up every time someone tries to access your services, chances are that you will lose a lot of traffic. Thus, it is highly important that your website is light and loads easily. A clean website is a favourite spot for browsers. In order, to make your website light and user friendly, make sure you optimise the images on your webpage. There are several online spaces where you can check and analyse the speed of your website. Platforms like SEMrush help to analyse what is slowing your website. You can understand all the issues with your webpage and improve on them with a few simple processes. It is important and it will help you boost your website speed in no time.

Optimise your website for voice search: Most of us are moving towards having a smart home with smart devices. And we know that smart devices like echo dot, echo show and even smartphones work with voice searches. Thus it becomes important to optimise your website for voice search. Adding keywords to your website will help you be available for voice searches. It will allow your website to be searchable on various smart devices.  

There are several SEO companies that help you optimize your webpage or website for good SEO. You can look up the best SEO services in India to find the best company that will help you form a strategy for your brand.  SEO will help your brand reach new heights in a short time span. So if you want to increase your brand presence and availability then you must practise SEO on your website. Do apply these techniques to get the best out of your strategy in 2021.

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