Investors have always aced the age-old practice – Investing! The way they see things is completely different from what we assume and hence have achieved this feat. On the other hand, a positive cash flow property is something that is common to most investors. 

However, how can you be a shark? How could you make loads of money every month and achieve the “investor” tag instead of the current “employee” tag?

The answer is simple. Just cut the crap and buy your first positive cash flow real estate. A whole lot many investors count on this step and hence could not be ignored at all costs.

However, I cannot afford a house to rent out. What should I do? But before that, we need to understand what positive cash flow is. 

In layman terms, 

Cash flow = income from the real estate – expenditure from real estate

If your income from the real estate outshines the expenditure from the real estate, then you get dollars to your earnings, and hence it is called positive cash flow. 

However, getting a positive cash flow from your first real estate is not as difficult as it sounds. It needs discipline and could be achieved through a few simple tricks. 

Tips For Choosing Your First Positive Cash Flow Property

1# Take Your Time

No matter how much people may insist, remember, buying a house is risky. If you are first time dealer, be cautious, as you end up paying the mortgages for someone else. 

2# Thing In Terms Of Houses and Not Units

Most often, early investors invest in units. In contrast, this may sound like a great idea; in the long run, the houses out for the units in terms of positive cash flow.

3# Choose Your Loan Carefully

You do not want to submerge in taxes, and debts make sure to choose the bank properly in the lure of positive cash flow real estate.

Concluding Remarks

Building a positive cash flow is very much possible for new investors as long as they keep an open eye to opportunities. 

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