Andaman for Your Honeymoon

Swimming across brilliant corals, delightfully designed fishes, and seabed gardens in quiet as-night waters – that is scuba making a plunge Andaman for you; perhaps the best insight for jumping devotees in India. The bunch islands are about silver shores grasped by lively sea waves. However, on the other hand, you try to go. Further, there’s a different universe inside the sea that will leave you amazed and stunned. 

1. Beacon – Experience Night Diving 

An enormous jumping site, Lighthouse has its arms fully open for a wide range of jumpers. Notwithstanding, the site is acclaimed for late evening jumping for PADI/SSI ensured jumpers. During this experience, you’ll run over an assortment of hard and delicate corals. With this, the beacon positions as extraordinary compared to another spot for scuba making a plunge Andaman on your honeymoon in Andaman.

2. Aquarium – A Beginner’s Paradise 

With generally hard corals thrown all through, Aquarium is a bordering reef spot where one can get brilliant fish schools. Located in the southwest of Havelock and the flows ordinarily are delicate and can be effectively anticipated. The encased water inside the coral ring where flows can be anticipated makes it a lot more secure for beginners. The spot is among the best scuba plunging places in Andaman for both beginner and experienced jumpers. 

3. Macintosh Point – Swim With The Dugongs 

Macintosh Point is recorded as the best spot for scuba. One will spot Dugongs here, alongside tough hard corals, which adds to the excellence of this submerged heaven. This Sirenian tusked, the well-evolved creature is generally found in Australia and Eastern Africa. For the best scuba jumping experience and other water-based exercises, it is one of the must-visit puts in Andaman.

There is an endless opportunity to explore when it comes to going on a honeymoon in Andaman, and hence one could not ignore it at all cost. 

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