March 8, 2021

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“Say it with a flower” is one of the most famous sayings. no one can deny the fact that flowers have this magical language through which they could easily express one’s feelings. This magic isn’t just limited to a particular flower but every flower expresses one’s emotions in most unique ways. 

You wanna say you love someone but lack the will to do so, just attach a bouquet of red roses and you are good to go.  Every flower with its color denotes a meaning. But how to make sure which flower is suited for which occasion. In that case, I have got you covered : 

Say that you love 

Telling someone that you love them is difficult. You might feel shy or even hesitate to say so . so what to do in that situation. 

  1. Red and pink roses – Roses have been long known for symbolizing everlasting love and romance. They are believed to have been curated by the goddess of love, aphrodite herself. This long associated meaning hasn’t been hidden. love is a tender feeling and a bouquet of the rose could easily shout it out loud for you.  

Not just red but pink roses are also a delight to the eyes and heart. you wanna say you love someone pink roses could be perfect. The pink color symbolizes nurture, care, and love. a bouquet of pink roses combines with red roses is perfect to send to your loved one. 

  1. Roses and lilies – Red rose and white lilies combine exquisitely The fragrant bouquet of red rose and white lilies is a doorway of one’s heart. White lilies symbolize purity and innocence when combined with a red rose is a perfect combination that says “I love you” in the most beautiful way. 

Say that you are my best friend 

Maintaining a friendship could be a risky task. sometimes, expressing what you feel to a friend also becomes important. it’s important to make people around you loved and cared for. In that case what’s better than sending a bouquet of flowers. 

  1. Sunflowers – Sunflowers are known for being happy flowers. Their vibrant color is enough to lift up the spirits. Their bright color denotes happiness. Sunflowers are like a best friend, they instantly make you happy. As been rightly said, “Sow seeds of friendship day by day to enjoy a lifetime of happy sunflowers. 
  2. Yellow Carnations – the bright yellow color induces a feeling of warmth and happiness. A bouquet filled with yellow carnations is perfect for good cheer. Carnations exhibit your care and love for someone. According to experts, the best way to elevate anyone’s mood is by gifting them yellow flowers. in that case, what’s better than a bouquet of yellow carnations combines with some green stems. gift your best friend this happy bouquet and you won’t regret it. 

Say that you will be missed 

Sending flowers to the grave of dead ones is a unique way to offer your condolences. It’s one of the saddest days for anyone who would have just lost their dear ones. There are certain flowers suitable for offering your condolences 

  1. White lilies – lilies have been long known as funeral flowers. lilies symbolize sympathy and purity. At such a hard time when someone is grieving, it is your part to express your condolences to the family. sending white lilies have been long associated with offering sympathies and condolences. so, send in some white lilies to say that “your pure soul will be missed”.
  2. White orchids and roses –  white is the color of purity, innocence, and sympathy. As opposed to red rose white roses symbolize purity and everlasting love. it says that your undying love is beyond carnal limits. it’s eternal. The same goes for orchids. Orchids are well-suited for offering sympathy and condolences. This combination of both white orchids and roses signifies “everlasting love”.  

Say that you are special 

There’s nothing more special than a wedding day. weddings are a joyous occasion when the bride and groom come together to tie a knot, vow to stay together until death do them part. What’s better than sending your greeting with a happy bouquet. 

  1. Pink roses and white daisies- roses have the magical power of expressing love. Similarly, daisies have been long associated with expressing true love. when combined together they make a perfect “love” combination. Their delicate and smooth texture makes it an exemplary duo when arranged together. 
  2. Pink carnation and red roses – carnations resemble fascination and love. They have been associated with a pure undying love. Red roses are too known for being “flower of romance”. They have been inscribed as one of the most romantic flowers. red roses combined with a pink carnation and some seasonal leaves blend in perfectly and look extremely marvelous.

Say that it’s your day 

Birthdays are a new start. It’s a day to make someone realize their importance and how much their presence matters. It’s a day to make them feel special and appreciated what’s better than a happy bouquet of flowers that would say that out aloud.

  1. Rainbow bouquet– A rainbow bouquet is one of the finest choices to send someone on their birthday. This mixture of all flowers and vibrant colors makes it stand out. it could contain flowers of various colors such as orange lilies, yellow carnations, purple tulips, blue orchids, pink lilies, red and yellow roses. this splash of exquisite colors is a visual treat. the fragrance and vibrancy could make someone’s day. if you wanna make someone happy on their birthday this is one of the best choices.

What are you waiting for? Tell your loved ones how much you care about them. how much you love them. There is no better way than sending out a bouquet filled with wishes and happiness. Let us bring smiles to the faces of everyone around us. let us spread love, happiness, and positivity. And “say it with flowers”.

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