Skin Care In Summers

We are sure that all of you have great plans for this season, whether it is to hit the beach or enjoy the nature in the mountains, the outdoor activities for the kids, summer camps, brunch reservations, swimming pool bookings and the list goes on. Certainly, all have been in the bucket list planned way ahead. But regrettably this year, it’s nothing but us in our homes. There is hardly any reason to get bummed out for this. Let us be the bearer of the good news too: there are many indoor ventures that one can plan right now. We finally can get ahead with that half-read book that waits in your book-shelf, or learn that recipe from your mom that you have never got a chance to try, or take that online art class that you were thinking about or simply spend some quality time with your loved ones. 

How about that nap that was long pending? We understand that it sounds laughable, but the sleep-lovers exactly know what we’re talking about. 

Focusing on our inner selves is what we need at this hour. Allow yourself to seize this pause as the opportunity is to take care of each other. All of us are aware of the various recreations that strengthen our mind and body, which we follow diligently. But the question is, are we forgetting our skin in this hustle and bustle?

et us not fail to see this season as the means of several months of unforgiving, blaring sun and the scorching heat in combination with humidity that raise our sebaceous gland at the maximum point. The rays intensify our body’s melanin pigment production. Besides, we all know for a fact that the summers are the culprit for a lot of tanning, breakouts and pimples, dry or patchy skin care, and natural oils that just won’t leave our face, in spite of us staying inside. Then we come across the long appointment lists in the skin clinics. You might want to read further before making that final call. We are here to make matters a bit easier by bringing a few tips for your radiant-looking skin. Let’s start ahead!

1. Face masks 

There are lots of face masks available in the markets that agree to your skin type. Choose the best that suits you or simply listen to your grandmas. We have heard of our traditional Indian turmeric face mask. It works great for the summers as it removes your tan, is completely chemical-free and yet easily available in our homes. Please do not forget to use a toner afterward, as it helps to close the open pores that can cause the bacteria to get clogged and create further skin issues. There is often a misunderstanding that skin does not go dry in summers. But let me break it you, it’s the opposite. It may be dry in patches. Therefore, switching to light moisturizers can do wonders for your skin texture. Additionally, Aloe Vera gel can also be applied in an even form. 

2. It’s time to nourish your eyes and lips 

While taking care of our gorgeous skin, we tend to ignore the eyes and lips. Remember that the skin around both of them has the most delicate layer, which is comparatively thinner than any other part of our body. Take just a couple of potato or cucumber slices at your aid. Why? They provide your eyes the soothing essence and help to pacify those nerves. You can feel the stress leaving your body. A pair of cotton pads dipped in cold water or rose water (if available) can give you the same calming effect. Rubbing a slice of lemon or tomato on your lips makes them more luscious and pink. 

3. Dress it down 

Remember that your skin needs to breathe too. So avoid any tight, body-hugging clothes for a prolonged time. They cause sweats to get logged inside your pores and led to rashes and irritations to skin or sometimes even severe skin infections. Also, the layering of clothes will make the matters worse. Hence, opting for breathable, light and soft fabrics like cotton and blends of cotton shall be in your best interest. 

4. Sunscreen 

Every expert from any skin clinic on this planet has only one pearl of wisdom for us, that is, to wear a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher on every exposed skin. We understand since the quarantine we have been cooped up inside but still the fundamental remains the same, ‘Make sunscreen your best friend during summers’. Moreover, a little bit of sunscreen never hurt anybody! 

5. Be cool 

Along with cool foods like cucumbers and yogurts, eating seasonal fruits like watermelons, bananas, and strawberries is a major plus for your skin-care. We know that we are always tempted to gorge on the mangoes every summer, but try not to over-consume them as they might bring out those pimples back on. If you are opting for vegetable juices, avoid adding sugar altogether. They may increase your calorie intake. 

6. Gulp that H2O 

The last but by far the least is keeping your body hydrated. This is the ultimate mantra when it comes down to skincare. We are certain that the skin clinics will suggest you the same. Water effortlessly flushes out those toxins from your body keeping it internally clean, which keeps your skin far away from that stubborn acne. This helps to keep your skin texture soft, supple, and of course radiant. 

Now that we are all set with our quarantine summer starter packs, let’s get our fruit salad bowls and put on our favorite television series. 

Have a chill summer! Stay indoors and stay safe! 

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